We deal with all platform telecommunications hardware and software and work with our partners to offer extended services. We are your number one choice if you are looking for outstanding services on PC's, Cisco Systems, OEM Hardware, Structured cabling, Remote monitoring, Remote technician support 24/7, and telecommunication hardware support on a wide range of network hardware. We perform complete cable runs for new and existing clients.

Specialties Services

Small-Medium Business & Home Networking





Additional Services From CBCS

      Implementations, Site Surveys, Consulting
       Network Analysis, Quality Assurance, "IT" Support
       Server Support on selected models
       Hardware Upgrades, Add-on, Maintenance
       Residential, Commercial, Businesses, Government

Additional Services from CBCS/Award


Large Commercial Businesses

We service and support major high end communications and clients from Cisco hardware, cable runs, and "IT" support. Fiber runs, computer room cleanups, along with remote field service support for large corporations such as financial institutions, warehouses, medical offices, commercial stores, private and commercial office locations. We offer remote, live, and local support 24/7.




We offer network services for small to medium size businesses and homes as well. We will stage and configure all your network hardware along with running cable(s) as required for your custom network. We also offer remote storage or local remote storage to protect your data and avoiding a massive loss of vital data and files. We also offer remote login to run maintenance on a monthly schedule to keep all your computers and network running at optimum performance.

Telecommunications Specialist (Founded in 1995)

Complete Specialized Dedicated Services

21st Century Technology and Beyond

Complete Network Service Provider for the 21st Century and beyond

              Hardware Coverage at CBCS

LAN/WAN Installations and Services
Complete LAN and Wireless Support
DSL / Cable Internet Installations and Support
Complete Coverage on all Routers, Switches, Hubs
We support Cisco Systems, OEM Installations and Services
We support all Cable Installations

Wireless Networks and Installations for businesses
Wired Network and Installations for businesses
Circuit and LAN Extensions / Structured Cabling
   CUSTOM Computer Services and Installations

                   New technology concepts are now here at CBCS/Award