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Company Founded in 1995

Work on servicing major accounts for many vendors, service all telecommunications hardware, structured cable runs, and complete network designs for commercial and residential clients, Serviced on many product lines myself in the field such as Cisco, Nortel, Extreme, many OEM network hardware. Created this business from scratch in 1995 with no money down. Investments in new projects, General Data communications hardware, AT&T hardware, etc. My goals are to expand CBCS Custom Networks into a very powerful telecommunications company, partnering up with others that share the same goals on creating new jobs, new technologies, and new ideas. Have performed in sales, and tech support.

CBCS Custom Networks, Inc. Founded in 1995



As we add new clientele to our portfolio and move forward, providing outstanding client care service at lower service prices in the industry, we will be expanding our services and coverage areas bringing on more specialized and certified Field Engineers to our company that have what it takes to get the jobs completed. We only use the best of the best within our company and will continue to do so until the end of time. We will also be adding new services based on our clients future requirements. .




Telecommunications Specialist (Founded in 1995)

Complete Specialized Dedicated Services

21st Century Technology and Beyond

Complete Network Service Provider for the 21st Century and beyond


Company has expanded into new territories and will continue its expansion into the future. CBCS Custom Networks, Inc. is a closed and private company that will be opened to investors in the near future for development. We have a private group of specialized individuals working for us that are bringing our currently clients the best service and support for your money. If you are an investor looking to invest, contact myself at: 847-312-1510 / Email: phyer@cbcs-cns.com